Quantum Information 2009

Quantum Information and Measurement
in Open Systems

València, November 16th-20th 2009
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Departament de Física Teòrica, University of Valencia
and IFIC, University of Valencia and CSIC

Sponsored by the Generalitat Valenciana under the Prometeo2009-128 project


Monday 16th

  • 10-11h A. Pérez (UVEG) : Quantum search algorithm for an open system
  • 11-12h M.C. Bañuls (MPQ-Munich) : Lindblad equation for open systems
  • 16-18h Round table

Tuesday 17th

  • 10-11h I. de Vega (MPQ-Munich) : Quantum algorithms in photonic cristals
  • 11-12h A. Pérez (UVEG) : Adiabaticity criterion for open systems
  • 16-18h Round table

Wednesday 18th

  • 10-11h I. de Vega (MPQ-Munich) : Bloch-Redfield equation for a system interacting with an environment
  • 11-12h A. Santamaría (UVEG) : Entanglement in neutrino oscillations

Thursday 19th

  • 10-11h R. Lapiedra (UVEG) : The failure of determinism and the limits of of Bohm hidden variables theory
  • 11-12h M.C. Bañuls (MPQ-Munich) : Numerical resolution of open systems with Matlab
  • 16-18h Round table
Friday 20th
  • 10-11h A. Pérez (UVEG) : Future perspectives on open quantum dynamics
  • 11-12h Discussion and closing
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